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Let’s cover off Lowell first. Lowell is a city in Massachusetts, USA. It is the fifth-largest city in the state. Lowell and Cambridge are the county seats of Middle-sex County.

Lowell seal
Lowell seal

Lowell had the highest percentage of Cambodians of any place in the United States, with 10.37% of its population being Cambodian, see information on Asia here, and is only second in population to Long Beach, California.

There are an estimated 11,000 Cambodians living in the city of Lowell, but local community leaders estimate the number to be around 35,000. Asian Superstars.

The Government of Cambodia had opened up its third U.S. Consular Office, with Sovann Ou as a current adviser to the Cambodian Embassy, in Lowell, on April 27, 2009.

On April 1, 2006, Lowell held the 2006 World Curling Championships for the men’s teams at the Tsongas Arena and the city is also home to a number of sports teams affiliated with the upper echelons of American sports, including the NHL and MLB. Try some Muay Thai boxing

Each year, Lowell is home to the Bay State Marathon, the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival and the Lowell Folk Festival, a three-day free folk festival attended by on average 250,000 people on the last weekend in July.


Lowell has also been the subject of a number of novels. Some of the better-known ones include Katherine Paterson’s novel Lyddie tells the fictional story of a Lowell Mill Girl in the nineteenth century who fights for better working conditions in the hot, crowded, and dangerous mills and Lloyd L. Corricelli’s Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde, a mystery novel which follows Iraqi war veteran and private investigator Ronan Marino’s quest to find his girlfriend’s murderer.

The Invention of Lying, a new film by director/writer/star Ricky Gervais was filmed principally in Lowell. The film also stars Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, and Tina Fey.

Legendary US entertainer Ed McMahon was a resident of Lowell at one stage and Academy Award-winning actress Bette Davis was born in the city.

Types of Loan

Mortgages for people with bad credit

The most important factor that determines whether a person is can procure a loan for himself or not is the fact, whether his past credit history is stable enough or not. 

All factors depend on his past record of handling credits. A bad credit history implies that his appeal for a loan would be rejected and won’t be met in most places.


And the worst part is that, if the concerned individual in his past has ever been declared as bankrupt or had a foreclosure, then for sure the borrower would face difficulties when he tries to get financing for a home mortgage purchase, home equity, or second mortgage loan. 

Information on bad credit.

But the gab that home loans are not available for people with bad credit history is just a baseless myth. Since these loans are available to people with bad credit history too. The way however to find such a kind of loan, however, is to be persistent in looking out for such kind of loans, because there are home mortgage loans for people with bad credit.


The basic problems involving, the process of procuring loan arises from the activities of sub-prime lenders. These are those lenders who actually work really hard for fetching loans for the people with bad credit background and low credit score and then the charge absolutely unreasonable price for the job. 

Borrowers should be careful of borrowing money from sub-prime lenders, as they can charge high interest rates which, comparatively are too high then the market rate. 

Not only this, but these lenders also charge unreasonable pre-payment penalties. Online articles are posted in websites to inform the borrowers about their existence and caution them.

However, it’s not absolutely impossible to find lenders who give out loans at reasonable rates and agreeable charges, to people who have a bad credit history. Just check out our Guide and see what information is available to you.

All a borrower needs to do is look around and talk to different mortgage brokers. A good broker would prove to be helpful to find a lender, that can get them an approved loan with a reasonable interest rate and fair terms of repayment.

Research and Information.

Now it is time to get into the research information and start to look around. 

Things that the borrower, should make sure about, are that he makes use of the lowest interest rate and terms possible. Especially a borrower with a bad credit history and bad credit score should make sure that he sends applications for loans to a number of different lenders since it would be sensible for him to make a comparison between different mortgage loan quotes so that he makes sure that he chooses the best one.